How To Become Vip

VIP Level and Discount

Bronze VIP 5% OFF >300 Point
Silver VIP 8% OFF >500 Point
Gold  VIP 10% OFF >800 Point

How to Earn Reward Points?

1.Buying product will get the same points with price automaticly.You can find it in your account.(e.g you bought the hair extensions at price $100 will earn 100 Points)

2.Send More than three photos wearing our hair extensions will earn 50 points.

3.Send Video (Product review,How to apply,make style or etc) to us will earn 100 points.

4.Share purchase products on your Facebook,Twitter,Blog,Pinterest or other social medium. you will get 20 points per share.Please email to tell us link where you share our product.

5.If you login our website with your Facebook account,"like us"on our website will earn 50 points automaticly.

6.If you have blog or turblr,you can write a short review and post some picture on that,you will get 50 points.

Please email to tell us the link where you give review and post photo. Our email: